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User: CrazyNeelam [2836 SMS]

2 years ago

Believe In Urself
The World Will Be At Ur Feet
Nothing Is Permanent
Not Even Ur Troubles....!

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2 years ago

When U Sit Alone
U Sit More With The Past
The Past Comes As A Slide Show
Ends In Either Smile On Lips Or
Tears In Eyes...!

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2 years ago

A Word Of Encouragment From A True Person During Failure
Worth More Than An Hour Of Praise By Anyone After Success..!

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2 years ago

Everyone Thinks Of Changing The
No One Thinks Of Changing Himself..!

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2 years ago

Rule Of A Relationship..
Everyone Deserves A Second Chance
But Not For The Same Mistake..!

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2 years ago

When God Blesses U Financially
Dont Raise Ur Standard Of Living
Raise Ur Standard Of Giving..!

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2 years ago

Never Go Back To Old Love
No Matter How Beautiful And Strong
It Was
Its Like Reading The Same Book Over
And Over Again
When U Already Know How It Ends..!

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2 years ago

Satisfied Life Is Better Than A
Successful Life
Success Is Measured By Others
But Satisfaction Is Measured By
Our Own Heart And Mind..!

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