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2 years ago

Words Are Free To Use
But May Prove To Be Costly
If Misused
No One Can Touch Words
But Words Can Touch Anyone's

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2 years ago

If U Want To Maintain True Relation
With Someone
Always Believe In What U Know About
Not In What U Heard About Them..!

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2 years ago

Life Is Best For Those Who Are
Enjoying It
And Difficult For Those Who Are
Comparing It
Worst For Those Who Are Criticizing

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2 years ago

With Trust Even Silence Is Understand
Without Trust Every Word Is Misunderstood
Trust Is The Soul Of Relationships..!

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2 years ago

Do Not Harm Anyone By Ur Tounge
U Also Have Faults And Others Also
Have Their Tounges
Be Aware..!

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2 years ago

When U Want More Time To Take
Correct Decision
Then Remember..
"Even A Correct Decision Is Wrong
When Its Too Late"
Life Is Game Of Time..!

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2 years ago

Ur Smile Is Ur Logo
Ur Personality Is Ur Business Card
And The Way U Make Others Feel Is
Ur Trademark
The Way U Think, Live And Love Others
God Feels Proud Of U In Ur Ultimate Mark..!

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2 years ago

U Are In My Heart As Light
Like The Moon In The Dark Night..!

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