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Good Day SMS

3 years ago

0% Nee Kopam Kaavali,
30% Nee Sms Kaavali
50% Nee Help Kaavali
70% Nee Matalu Kaavali
90% Nee Chirunavvu Kaavali
100% Nee Sneham Kaavali

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3 years ago

G-get Up
O-open Ur Eyes
O-out Of Ur Bed
D-day Has Risen
M-merry Life
O-old Dreams Cum True
N-new Frnds
I-ideas Of Life
N-nice Future
G-goodday 4 U!

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3 years ago

Don't be afraid to do something
just because you're scared of
what people are going to say
about you. People will judge you
no matter what....

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3 years ago

Be happy. Be who you want to
be. If others don't like it, then let
them be. Happiness is a choice.
Life isn't about pleasing
everybody...gud mrng

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3 years ago

in ur

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4 years ago

Bulbulo ke Pankho mein bandhe hue kabhi Baaz nahi rehte

Buzdilo aur Kayaro ke Haath Kabhi Raaz Nahi Rehte

Ser Jhuka ke Chalne ki aadat pad jaaye jis Insaan Ko

Us Insaan ke Sir Per Kabhi Taaj Naahi Rehte

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4 years ago

k maa mamta ki moorat hai,
maa ki sabko jarurat hai,
maa jaisi duniya mein koi or nhi,
maa hi sabse jyada khoobsoorat hai

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Spuk Posted In Day Wishes
5 years ago

You will succeed in all you do and light will shine on your path. Be faith ful n god will bless more n moreB-)

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