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Sad Quotes SMS

3 weeks ago

Sometimes Giving Someone Second
Chance Is Giving Them An Extra Bullet
For The Gun
Bcoz They Missed U The First Time..!

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3 weeks ago

I Made A Choice To Let Go Finally
Bcoz I Can't Stand The Pain
It's Time For My Last Tear To Fall
And Smile Again..!

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4 months ago

Sometimes Tears Means Unspoken Happiness
Smile Means Silent Pain...!

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4 months ago

"Waqt" Or "Pyaar" Dono Zindagi Men Bhoht Khas Hote Hain..."waqt" Kisi Ka Nahi Hota Aur Apna "Pyaar" Har Kisika Ho Jata Hai...

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9 months ago

Never Go Back To Old Love
No Matter How Beautiful And Strong
It Was
Its Like Reading The Same Book Over
And Over Again
When U Already Know How It Ends..!

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11 months ago

Jab Yaad Aati Hai Muskura Lete Hai,kuch Pal Har Gam Bhula Dete Hai,kaise Bhig Sakti Hai Apki Palken,apke Hisse K Aansu To Hum Baha Lete hai...

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11 months ago

Waqt Bhi Leta Hai Kaisi Kaisi Karwatein...; Umra Itni To Naa Thi, Par Sabaq Bahut Seekh Liye...!!

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11 months ago

Meri Qismat Buri,
Yaa Main Bura,
Ye Faisla Na Ho Saka,

Hum Har Kisi K Ho Gaye,
Afsos Koi Humara Na Ho Saka..

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