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Motivational Quotes SMS

2 years ago

Satisfied Life Is Better Than A
Successful Life
Success Is Measured By Others
But Satisfaction Is Measured By
Our Own Heart And Mind..!

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2 years ago

Ur Smile Is Ur Logo
Ur Personality Is Ur Business Card
And The Way U Make Others Feel Is
Ur Trademark
The Way U Think, Live And Love Others
God Feels Proud Of U In Ur Ultimate Mark..!

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2 years ago

Moving On Doesn't Mean Forgetting
It Just Means That U Rather Choose
To Be Happy Instead Of Hurt..!

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2 years ago

Good Things Take Time
Stop Focusing On All The Negative
Count Ur Blessings, Not Ur Problems..!

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wan Posted In Friendship
2 years ago

Don't Let People Chain You To Your Past. Never Let Anyone Make You Insecure Of Your Change. You Have Nothing To Feel Guilty About. You're A Better You, And They're Still The Same Them. Keep Moving Forward.

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2 years ago

Thank you to every
person who has ever
told me I can’t.
You are just another reason

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2 years ago

When We Finally Decide
"I Can Do It"
We Can Break Through The Walls Of
Self Imposed Limitations..!

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Prem koli Posted In Quotes
2 years ago

तलवार की धार फिर से दहकानी होगी
मांधाता की जयकार फिर से सूनानी होगी
हथियारों को जंग ना लगने दो कोलीयो
कयौकी खुन की नदियां फिर से बहानी होंगी

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