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2 years ago

चार बोटल पेप्सी...
कार मेरी टेक्सी…
फोन मेरा गेलेँक्सी…
माल मेरा सेँक्सी…
गले में सोना...
टेँशन में रौना...
प्यार में गम...
” Group ”में हम,
फेँमस हैँ यार….
मैँ छोटा था तब भी "क्यूट" था
और आज भी उतना
ही "क्यूट" हुँ!
फर्क सिर्फ इतना है,
तब आंटिया फ़िदा थी
और आज उनकी
लडकिया फ़िदा है!

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Spuk Posted In Story
3 years ago

One day 3 people they go and collect some some data with regard to f:eld study near the city itself. 1 of them got problem on the way too but 2 of his friend were leave alone on the road side for about hour and his friend finish their Jobs they came back and then the one that they left behind is not there, so contact 2 but not reachable at all. Then 5min letter the guy were came back and where were you gone n left me alone in the middle of the road without saying any words you want to kill me!!!!!! . No we though you are not be able to collect data that’s why we keep you here for awhile.
OK,,,,,,, done let's go Home.

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4 years ago

True Fact..
Class 10: "Beta, Bas Iss Saal Mehnat Kar Le
Phir Saari Zindagi Aaraam Karna.."
Class 11: "Beta, Do Saal Theek Se Padhai Kar Le
Phir Aaram Se Rehna.."
Graduation: "Beta, Bas Degree Achhi Tarah
Puri Karle, Phir Aaraam Rahega.."
After Graduation:
"Beta, Post Graduation Kar Le,
Phir Maje Karna.."
After Post Graduation:
"Nalayak, Yahan Pada Aaraam
Kar Raha Hai, Kaam Par Kaun Jayega.." :@
Agree Students ??

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4 years ago

A Boy thought of committing
He drank Poison, but his Father
saved him,,,,,
He tried to hang himself, but his
Mother saved him,,,,,
He met with an accident, Doctor
saved him,,,,,
He jumped into a Well,,,,
Villagers saved him,,,,
At last, after getting tired of
committing suicide,
He got
lover n
No one could save him.....!!

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RohitS. Posted In Story
4 years ago

Mere Marne Ke Baad Meri
Kahani Likhna,
Kaise Barbaad Huwi Meri
Jawani Likhna, Aur Likhna Ki Mere Honth
Khushi Ko Tarse,
Kaise Barsa Meri Aankhoon Se
Paani Likhna, Aur Likhna Ki Uska Intezaar To
Bahut Tha,
Aakhri Saansoon Mein Woh
Hichkiyoun Ki Rawaani Likhna, Likhna Ke Marte Waqt Bhi Deta
Tha Dua Tujhko,
Haath Bahar Tha Qafan Se Yehi
Nishaani Likhna

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4 years ago

Today's Reality:
¤ Big House, Small Family.
¤ More Degrees, Less Common Sense .
¤ Advanced Medicine, Poor Health.
¤ Touched Moon, Neighbors Unknown.
¤ High Income, Less peace of Mind.
¤ High IQ, Less Emotions.
¤ Good Knowledge, Less Wisdom .
¤ Number of affairs, No true love .
¤ Lot of friends on Facebook, No best friends.
¤ More alcohol, Less water.
¤ Lots of Human, Less Humanity .
¤ Costly Watches, But No time.

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4 years ago

Facebook love story !!
Poke → Poked back → Add as friend → confirm → Write something on
wall → Introduce → Everyday chatting → Ask phone number → Text
messaging → Calling → Meeting→ Like each other → In relationship
with → Hangout a lot.
→ Misunderstanding → Fight→ Break up → Unfriend → Block...!!

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4 years ago

Amit- Apni Girlfriend Se Aaj
7 Baje Mai Beach Pe Jaa Ra Hu Tu Aayegi Na!
Sneha- Nahi Yaar Aaj Meri Fav Ipl Team Ka Match Hai,
Tu Akela Chala Ja.
Amit- Chhod Na Yaar
Sneha- Nahi!
Amit - Ok Thik Hai Mat Aa
Pata Hai Aaj Main Tujhe Ek Special Gift Dene Wala Tha.
Koi Bat Nahi Pratima Bhi Aa Rahi Hai
Use Hi De Doonga,
Sneha- Arre Yaar!
Mai Toh Majaak Kar Rahi Thi,
Budhdhu Itna Bhi Nahi Samajhte.
Amit - Toh Mai Kaun Sa Serious Tha.

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